A new year. A fresh start. Time to make (and often, subsequently, break) resolutions. Lose weight…budget better…meal plan every Sunday…clean out clutter. Ugh.

     By making these resolutions, do we set up ourselves to create more opportunities to be hard on ourselves when we don’t meet expectations? Let’s face it—moms and dads, grands, aunts and uncles, caregivers, teachers, and coaches—we have the daunting task of shaping the futures of our children while cherishing the past and squeezing out every possible drop of the present.

     Rather than resolutions, maybe we’re better off living with intention in the choices we make for our children and ourselves. Do we need dinner through the drive-thru because it is easy, or could we fix a sandwich and veggies for dinner? Remember, not every meal we make needs to be worthy of sharing on social media. Sometimes, it’s enough to sit down together for a simple meal. The important word being “together.” Food for thought…

     Rest assured, throughout 2020, your Kids Directory family will be right here bringing you valuable information you can use every day. We wish you and your families a joy-filled new year!