While we finished this issue, we passed six months of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a parent and business owner, I’ve lived these days, weeks, and months much like everyone else. We’re tired—emotionally, physically, and mentally. The preparations and precautions are relentless.

Add to that the stress of decisions about our kids returning to school. Seated learning? Virtual lessons? A hybrid model? Homeschooling? All the while realizing a positive test result in a classroom or school will very likely upend these plans.

I’ve wrestled with the idea of publishing a monthly magazine. Our advertisers–many of whom are small-business owners just like me–are hurting. Customer traffic (and, therefore, income) is down. Supply chains are disrupted, and costs are up. And, the cleaning and sanitizing. Oh, boy. On top of that, there is added paperwork and bookkeeping for those who received grant and loan assistance. As a result, fewer
business owners can place ads each month. Kids Directory has fewer pages that our typical magazine.

But, pandemic or not, our kids still need to see a dentist or a pediatrician. We want them to take dance lessons, study martial arts, and play sports. They need haircuts, new clothes, and maybe a tutoring session. In our precious leisure time, we squeeze in socially distanced play date at a park or local play center.

And, for all these reasons and more, Kids Directory will be here to walk beside you every step of the way, connecting our loyal readers and advertisers. Wishing you good health.

~Melinda, parent of a teen & publisher of your monthly “Greater Springfield Kids Directory”