OK, December. You’re here. It’s time to think back on 2020—and heave a collective sigh. We’ve lived with the pandemic for more than
nine months. Does it feel like we’ve labored this baby?

There’s a lot of hope and promise living in the blank pages of our 2021 calendars. And while we might have a few choice words
for 2020, maybe our time is better spent thinking about the good that came from this year. We saw the good in ourselves and learned a thing or two.

Spend some time reflecting with your bigs and littles:

What good did you experience in 2020? Did you read an interesting book or learn a fun game? Maybe you painted a room or cleaned out the basement to make a play or craft area. Did you explore a new park or trail?

What have you learned about yourself? Are you more or less patient or forgiving than you thought you were?

How can you improve your shortcomings? How do you make those good habits stick?

What did you learn you could live without or with less of? What are you grateful that you had?

Our Kids Directory family wishes you and your family a blessed, safe, and healthy holiday season. Remember—Wear your
mask, and wash your hands.