Ok, moms. We’ve all said it…at least we’ve all thought it. “I need a break.” But, how many of us follow through…before we completely unravel?

Somewhere among the endless piles of dirty laundry to wash and clean clothes to fold, meal planning and grocery shopping,
appointments, tutoring, lessons, sports practice, and other mothering tasks, we forget that filling up ourselves is important
so we can continue pouring out ourselves to our bigs and littles, partners, extended family, friends, and coworkers.
Recently, I read a post on Her View From Home by Dana Moss entitled “When a mom says she needs a break.” So much
resonated with me, especially this:

“[N]eeding a break from being a mother, does not, nor will it ever, make you a bad mom.”

Let that soak in…then read it again. In normal times we are SO hard on ourselves. And, these are not normal times.

For you newer moms, please know you aren’t alone in your feelings and experiences. And, for those of us with bigs and grown kids, we deserve some mom-free time, too.

As we all look to 2021 with hope and optimism, remember to be good to yourselves.

As always, be safe. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. You’ve got this.