As I sit at my desk in the page garden, I’m toasty warm inside. Through the window, I see snow flurries whipped about by howling winter winds. In another room of our house, my son is learning virtually while he counts down the days of quarantine because of a potential coronavirus exposure. The cats, Jax and Amani, are blissfully snoozing, and our goofy dog, Jasper, is chomping away on a deer antler. Alexa is playing a favorite mix of music while I put the finishing touches on our February magazine.

It feels like an absolutely normal day. There’s something to be said for feeling “normal” even though we aren’t exactly sure what normal is anymore.

And, maybe that’s the lesson. Normal is what we make of it. I’ve not resigned or settled for less than I should. I’ve simply embraced what we have and where we are right now.

In a few days, our family activity level will resume a different beat—in-person school, my son’s part-time job, track practice, magazine ad sales, and trips to the dog park.

Dinner’s already made. My son had his foods class this morning. While his classmates were cooking Chicken Alfredo at school, he participated from home by making spaghetti and home-made meatballs.

I have to say, it will be nice to heat up the meatballs and pasta and sit down to a meal at the table with him. That feels normal.

Maybe later I’ll make a list of people I’d like to send valentines to, just to say hello.

Be safe. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Kiss your kids. Be kind to yourself.