Hi! I’m Melinda Arnold. I grew up just outside of Springfield, where I now live, and my family is my world.

In my previous work experience, I was introduced to Kids Directory by Kathy and Rob Fridge, the founding publishers for the greater Springfield area when they brought the Kids Directory concept here in 2003. I was a long-time advertiser and developed a friendship with Kathy and Rob. At that same time, I reached for Kids Directory each month as a mom because it was an invaluable resource for events, local businesses and so much more as I raised my son.

I purchased Kids Directory from Kathy and Rob in May 2017, and I am excited to venture into the world of owning my own business with Kids Directory at the center of my company. I am continuing Kathy and Rob’s simple philosophy: Kids Directory provides fast answers for busy parents and excellent advertising results for clients.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for Kids Directory. Email me at melinda@springfieldkids.com

Melinda Arnold